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For finance managers who can no longer rely on disconnected spreadsheets to manage their budget process, Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting and forecasting application that reduces budget cycle time and improves forecast accuracy. By aligning financial and operational planning processes companies can allocate resources effectively to maximize business results.  ITI Consulting offers expert Hyperion Planning implementation services, including Workforce Planning, and CapEx. modules. Our Planning consultants have extensive finance and accounting backgrounds and will understand your financial planning and reporting needs.  A successful Planning implementation is predicated on us understanding your planning process and having a deep understanding of Essbase. Essbase is the "engine" of Hyperion Planning, the database that stores the data and "crunches" the numbers. Since Consultants with expert knowledge of Essbase are best qualified to effectively design a Planning application, we put emphasis on our Planning Consultants being Essbase experts as well.  We will also utilize our proven implementation methodologies to prototype, build, test and roll out your Hyperion Planning application.